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The Tea Crane™ is your personal tea sommelier for artisan Japanese tea. Tea-master Tyas Sōsen brings you top-grade naturally-grown, traditional Japanese teas.

Contemporary industrial tea manufacturing mainly relies on artificial methods. The industry uses mass-production and exploitation for the sake of capitalisation and monopolization.
We are in favor of the natural variation of tea, which offers a greater diversity of authentic teas that improve our health, and quality of life. This is why at The Tea Crane we admire – and thus wish to acknowledge, honor, and support – the aspirations and the unstinted labors of small, independent, local Japanese-tea farmers. 

By drinking artisan, natural tea, you will experience the tea’s regionality and terroir, a wider variety of aromas, and joy from comparing teas of different harvests and discover their vintage character.
Artisan tea can also preserve the health of our bodies and protect our environment because they are produced by safe and natural methods.

Our Teas

A selection of authentic organic Japanese green tea.

Black teas from Japan that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

A curation of Japan’s top-grade organic Matcha.


Fumiaki Iwata

Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen Tea-Farm

From a healthy topsoil to a natural flavor. Zero chemicals, Zero Fertilizer. Simply nature in a cup.

Toshihiro Kajihara

Ocha no Kajihara Tea-Farm

The foundational principle of tea manufacturing is to guide the humidity in the leaf to the surface.

Yōichi Kōrogi

Gokase Midori Seicha Tea-Farm

A truly delicious tea is born from the plant’s inherent natural energy.

Tokuya Yamazaki

Kamo Natural Tea-farm

Rebuilding a healthy and strong body, and a healthy environment for the children of the future.

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We care about the people we work with . help us support their efforts. 

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