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Top-grade naturally-grown, traditional Japanese teas.

An exclusive selection by Tea-master Tyas Sōsen.

First certified Belgian Japanese tea instructor and Tea-ceremony teacher in the Enshū school. 





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About me - Huybrechts Tangetsu-an Tyas Sōsen 
ハーブレヒツ 淡月庵 ティアス宗筅 


As a Japanology graduate of Belgium's Leuven University, Tyas Sōsen relocated to Japan in order to pursue post-graduate studies in the literature, history and culture of 17th-century Japan at Kansai University, Osaka, from which he received a Master of Arts degree. In order to deepen his understanding of Japan's complex cultural traditions, he has trained in kendō, karate, and jōdō, and studied both nō performance-practice and the rite-of-tea (sadō).

By now a fully-qualified instructor in the Way of Tea as taught by the (warrior-style) Enshū school - thereby having become the youngest foreigner ever to have achieved this rank within the school -Sōsen instructs both Japanese and foreign pupils in 'tea-ceremony'. He also conducts demonstrations, lectures and workshops concerning the tradition, philosophy and aesthetics of the-rite-of-tea.

Sōsen is also the first Belgian to have become certified as a Nihoncha (Japanese tea) Instructor. Having thus become an expert in all aspects of Japanese tea and tea-culture, he is currently active as advisor to foreign tea-vendors on matters relating to Japanese tea, teaches and trains private individuals and hospitality-workers with regard not only to enjoying and serving tea, but also to tea-relevant basic good manners, hosts tea-tastings, workshops and tea-related tours for groups of whatever size, and, at The Tea Crane, offers his personal selection of organically-produced Japanese teas.

Nihoncha Instructor Certified by the Nihoncha Instructors' Association.
日本茶インストラクター協会認定 日本茶インストラクター(17-4032)

Qualified Instructor in the Way of Tea as taught by the Enshū school.
Granted tea name: Tangetsu'an Sōsen
遠州流茶道師範 淡月庵宗筅