A New Home For The Tea Crane.
Kickstarter Campaign Fully Funded In 4 Days.

Four Days After Launching Their Crowd Funding Campaign, The Tea Crane Reaches 100% Funding For The Opening Of Their New Flagship Store In Kyoto.

  [JAPAN, KYOTO, June 12, 2020—] Tyas Sōsen’s crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter “Thé Japanese Tea Hub For Tea Lovers From All Over The World” for the opening of The Tea Crane’s flagship store in Kyoto reached its funding goal at light speed. The company launched the project on June 8 and was backed for more than JPY 500,000 by 70 contributors within four days after the launch on June 12. Simultaneously, the project was enlisted by the crowd-funding platform as “Project We love” on the same day.

The project creator, Tyas Sōsen says that he is extremely grateful for the massive response and support they received for the project. He also expresses his aspirations to expand the project further during the project’s remaining 23 days of running. “I can’t express how grateful I am for the huge amount of support we received in such a short timeframe. This shows that there is a decent interest in Japanese tea culture worldwide. To me this is just the beginning. I aim to raise more than one million yen during the remaining time so that we can invest more in a comfortable store space, materials for online classes, and expand our specialty tea product line!”

The crowd funding campaign is still running until July 5th. Backers have time to support the project during this period. More details regarding the project can be retrieved from the official project page:

About The Tea Crane

The Tea Crane offers an exclusive selection of top-grade naturally-grown, traditional Japanese teas by tea-master and organic tea sommelier Tyas Sōsen; first certified Belgian Japanese tea instructor and Tea-ceremony teacher in the Enshū school. The aim of The Tea Crane is to promote the taste of authentic Japanese tea. We do this by bringing the consumer and the tea farmer closer through openly sharing information about the manufacturer and the conditions in which the tea grew.

About Tyas Sōsen

Tea Master/Sommelier Tyas Sōsen relocated to Japan 12 years ago to study Japanese culture. His journey brought him to the Japanese tea ceremony and in logical succession guided him to discover the beauty of Japan’s intriguing tea culture. While Japanese green tea and matcha are becoming increasingly poplar in the West, very little information is available about the background of the product. Sōsen aims to fill this gap by sharing his knowledge and expertise with his customers.

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