It Is Exactly One Year Now Since Tyas Sosen’s Book “The Story Of Japanese Tea” Was Published In November 2019.

  [JAPAN, KYOTO, November 6, 2020—] Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of Tyas Sosen’s publication on tea, “The Story of Japanese Tea: a broad outline of its cultivation, manufacturing, history and cultural values”.

This book is the only in-depth resource to begin learning about Japanese tea. Sosen begins with explaining how tea is cultivated, harvested and manufactured in Japan, while extensively explaining the differences between the various types of Japanese tea that exist. The book also contains a good portion on the history of tea in Japan, and an extensive study of matcha. Throughout the book, Sosen has also woven actual case studies from active tea manufacturers into the narrative which function to illustrate the actual ways in which manufacturers overcome the various difficulties they face.

Today is a great opportunity to thank all readers who have already obtained a copy of the paperback or e-book through Amazon or elsewhere. In the course of one year we have sold over 1,000 paper copies and many more digital versions of the book. If you are a proud owner of the book, I would like to extensively thank you for your patronage. Of course I would also like to know what you thought of the book and any comments or remarks you may have had reading it. To leave a review on Amazon for the book, please click here.

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About The Tea Crane

The Tea Crane offers an exclusive selection of top-grade naturally-grown, traditional Japanese teas by tea-master and organic tea sommelier Tyas Sōsen; first certified Belgian Japanese tea instructor and Tea-ceremony teacher in the Enshū school. The aim of The Tea Crane is to promote the taste of authentic Japanese tea. We do this by bringing the consumer and the tea farmer closer through openly sharing information about the manufacturer and the conditions in which the tea grew.

About Tyas Sōsen

Tea Master/Sommelier Tyas Sōsen relocated to Japan 13 years ago to study Japanese culture. His journey brought him to the Japanese tea ceremony and in logical succession guided him to discover the beauty of Japan’s intriguing tea culture. While Japanese green tea and matcha are becoming increasingly poplar in the West, very little information is available about the background of the product. Sōsen aims to fill this gap by sharing his knowledge and expertise with his customers.

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