Due To International Shipping Restrictions, The Japan Post Has Suspended Acceptance Of Postal Packages To Most Western Countries (EU, US, CA, AU).

  [JAPAN, KYOTO, March 12, 2022—] Thank you for your continued patronage and support to the activities of The Tea Crane. It is because of you, my loyal, faithful and supportive customers that, as a small business operating from within Japan, supplying some of the most authentic and unique Japanese teas to the world, we have been able to stay afloat during the most difficult past two years.

Unfortunately, the situation does not seem to be improving just yet. On the contrary, while Japan is still not accepting foreign visitors, and mail to the US, Canada, and Australia remains suspended, now also most European countries have been suspended from international airmail. This means that for undecided duration, the Japanese postal service refuses to accept packages and mail to most Western countries.

As an international vendor I rely on shipping services as these in order to supply our teas and monthly tea-club parcels at an affordable rate to our customers. These restrictions are harming my capability to continue providing my services to you and are affecting my activities as a business.

This leaves the only option for us to ship our products via a more expensive courier, DHL. And because I understand that a larger shipping cost as such is not feasible on small tea orders, I would like to make the following suggestion so that I may continue providing our delicious teas to you, and to give you the opportunity to continue supporting The Tea Crane so that we may stay able to supply our very unique teas to you.

During March and April 2022, we will cover the shipping costs to send your parcel via DHL for orders over $200,- to Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Hereafter we will reevaluate the situation and decide on the best approach from thereon.

You may use this opportunity to ‘group’ orders together with family members, friends and fellow tea-minds, or to place a larger order at once to cover your tea needs for several months.

For our tea-club members and aspiring new subscribers in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, I will retain your monthly packages and ship them via DHL in a single batch every 3 months. I have been taking this approach for parcels to the USA and Canada and will now also do the same for Europe. This counter-measure will remain in place for as long as issues with international mail last.

Thank you for your understanding, and your continued support to our cause.

Tyas Sosen

For the most recent updates on temporary suspension and resumption of international mail from Japan, please consult the website of the Japan post directly. News items can be received chronologically from the URL below:

For information on current status of acceptance or temporary suspension of international mail from Japan for specific countries, please consult the list through the URL below on the website of Japan Post. Here you can check the status for each country individually and see which shipping options are available/suspended.

About The Tea Crane

The Tea Crane offers an exclusive selection of top-grade naturally-grown, traditional Japanese teas by tea-master and organic tea sommelier Tyas Sōsen; first certified Belgian Japanese tea instructor and Tea-ceremony teacher in the Enshū school. The aim of The Tea Crane is to promote the taste of authentic Japanese tea. We do this by bringing the consumer and the tea farmer closer through openly sharing information about the manufacturer and the conditions in which the tea grew.

About Tyas Sōsen

Tea Master/Sommelier Tyas Sōsen relocated to Japan 14 years ago to study Japanese culture. His journey brought him to the Japanese tea ceremony and in logical succession guided him to discover the beauty of Japan’s intriguing tea culture. While Japanese green tea and matcha are becoming increasingly poplar in the West, very little information is available about the background of the product. Sōsen aims to fill this gap by sharing his knowledge and expertise with his customers.

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