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At The Tea Crane we not only select the best Japanese artisan teas. Our ultimate goal is to support those artisan manufacturers that are struggling to keep producing a pure product. That is because we choose the positive energy of a more spiritual tea over a superficial, artificially induced lushness of flavor.

Manufacturers of organic and natural artisan teas are generally struggling to make ends meet. One of the reasons is that they aren’t accepted by the tea industry in Japan. Organic tea is commonly not welcomed at the yearly tea auctions where the new tea harvest is sold. In addition, when a producer does get to submit his tea to the auction, it is subordinated to other more artificial products.

Organic teas have a different flavor and aroma pattern than conventional teas. They have a lower yield than conventional teas. And organic teas are subordinated to conventional products by default by the tea industry. This makes it very difficult for passionate organic and natural tea manufacturers to continue their efforts.

Conventional tea vs. Artisan tea / spiritual tea

A conventional tea is produced for mass consumption and to generate profit. As long as the substance is being created the product can be sold. But the energy in such a product is non existent. Or worse, it’s a negative energy.

Artisan teas are crafted by passionate manufacturers who care about their bushes as if it were their own children. They make sure they have a healthy environment in which to develop, and give them the support they need to nurture and grow. The energy that such a product carries is positive and based on love and care.

it is known that when we consume something, we don’t only consume substance, but also receive the energy of that substance. When we consume a product that is rich in vitality and positive energy, we benefit from that energy. But when the energy in the substance is dead or negative it will adversely affect us.

The power of positive energy

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The artisan teas we select receive a positive energetic value through its environment, the passion and love from the manufacturer and the care that went into its manufacturing. Knowing that we receive the energy of what we consume, I believe it is vitally important to consider with what kind of energy the product has been crafted. This is why we actively share information about the producers we work with.

In addition, teas with a high positive energetic value give access to a stronger spiritual tea experience of it. A product with a high level of consciousness in turn raises our own consciousness. And this can lead to a larger spiritual experience of the moment. On the contrary, products with low energy or conscious levels lower and diminish our consciousness.

The manufacturing of a product involves not only the creation of its matter, but also involves the energetic programming of the item. The energy in which the product is created (environment, the people involved, etc.) imprints that energetic information on the product.

I feel that it is immensely important that we maintain this culture of passionate manufacturers because otherwise we may loose access to this quality of purity. And when we do, we loose valuable knowledge about how we can positively impact our own energy.

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