‘The Story of Japanese Tea’ asks exactly what Matcha and Japanese green tea in essence are and takes the reader on a journey of the contemporary and traditional Japanese tea-manufacturing scene.

‘The Story of Japanese Tea: a broad outline of its cultivation, manufacturing, history and cultural values.’ By Tea Master Tyas Sōsen.

[JAPAN, KYOTO, November 11, 2019—] Tea Master/Sommelier Tyas Sōsen relocated to Japan 12 years ago to study Japanese culture. His journey brought him to the Japanese tea ceremony and in logical succession guided him to discover the beauty of Japan’s intriguing tea culture. While Japanese green tea and matcha are becoming increasingly poplar in the West, very little information is available about the background of the product. Sōsen aims to fill this gap by sharing his knowledge and expertise in his book ‘The Story of Japanese Tea.’

For his book, Sōsen has conducted multiple visits with local artisan tea manufacturers throughout Japan. Doing so he has learned from them in great details about their methods and struggles. These stories form the basis for the detailed accounts of farming and manufacturing methods presented in this book, as well as the accompanying case studies from active tea manufacturers. While beginning with a focus on green tea in general, Sōsen also devotes a large part of his book to matcha and the history of tea culture in Japan to finally conclude with an overview of some less common Japanese tea types.

“Tyas is an entity on Japanese tea. With his unique insights allowed to him by approaching the Japanese tea culture with an open mind and cross-cultural insights, he has put together an essential guide on Japanese tea and its place in Japanese culture.”

—– Tim Mellaerts (Amazon Reviews)

The Book is available from Amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1704715679)

Tyas Sōsen is a qualified instructor in the way of tea as taught by the Enshū school of tea ceremony, and is a nationally certified Nihoncha (Japanese tea) Instructor, resident in Kyoto, Japan. He shares his passion for artisan Japanese tea through his Tea Club at https://www.the-tea-crane.com/.

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