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Tea Sampler - May 2016

Posted by Tyas Huybrechts on

The tea industry in Japan is reaching a new start,
with the advent of the shincha, new tea, season.

We too are making a fresh start and are making 
a few adjustments and changes to our offerings.


From this month forward, 
our sampler won't change monthly anymore.

We will maintain a range of 5 teas from our assortments,
present a sample of them in our authentic packaging,
and get them ship-ready with a notion of our knowledge
on an informative card for each.

This will allow you the freedom to choose,
and discover what we have in store,
before you make your choice from our shop.

Why are we doing this?

Soon, we will be offering a monthly subscription
of organic tea from different organic producers
in Japan.

More information will be following soon.
But first there's this:

[The Tea Crane Tea Sampler]

Our selection.

Here's our sampler line-up:

  1. Organic Native Sencha - Sato tsuru.
  2. Organic Roasted Bancha - Ban tsuru.
  3. Organic First Flush Seed-grown "wa-kocha" Black tea.
  4. Koshun Organic Oolong.
  5. Organic Yame Sencha.


Get your taste of The Tea Crane tea now!

I bet you can't resist!

  • 5 high class Japanese teas.
  • Explanation and brewing guide.
  • Free Shipping!
Only USD $20.00.

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