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The Release of Our Organic Matcha

Posted by Tyas Huybrechts on

In medieval Japan, matcha was used as an all-around medicine. It was believed to cure any illness, from a hangover to a cold to stomach ache, and so on.

It was also revered as the concentration booster for monks to stay awake during long hours of meditation.

Later on, it became the preferred beverage of the upper-class and the protagonist of the tea ceremony tradition. It is in this form mostly that it is still known today.

The organic matcha that we offer at The Tea Crane, is the embodiment of above mentioned practices and beliefs, as it is produced relying solely on traditional and orthodox manufacturing methods; consequently bringing us closer to the authentic flavors and aromas of matcha as it has been enjoyed by it's earliest consumers.

Our Organic Matcha comes in portions of 40g, sealed in a stylish black tin can, wrapped in an elegant design on craft paper corset.

Try our Organic Matcha now! You won't regret it.

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