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Tea Sampler - February 2016

Posted by Tyas Huybrechts on

Are you new to the world of Japanese tea?
Never had organic tea before?
Maybe you just aren't sure which tea to pick?


Each month we select 5 teas from our assortments,
present a sample of them in our authentic packaging,
and get them ship-ready with a notion of our knowledge
on an informative card for each.

We want to allow you the freedom to choose,
or to simply enjoy a wider variety of teas,
without having to buy the whole load.

We don't want you to waste your money on
tea that ends up on the shelf.

And once you've found your favorite, 
you can come back and get it from the store.

But first !... There's this:

[The Tea Crane Tea Sampler]

Curious for this month's selection.

Here's this month's line-up:

  1. Organic Okumidori Sencha - Ao tsuru
  2. Organic Yame Sencha
  3. Organic Roasted Bancha
  4. Organic First flush Seed-grown Wa-kocha black tea
  5. Koshun Organic Oolong


Why these teas.

In last month's sampler, I introduced a variety of tea.
In this month's sampler I wish to do the same,
but with slightly different teas.

This time, we have 4 different types of tea ready
for you to try. Sencha, Roasted Bancha, Black tea and Oolong.
And because both sencha types in this sampler differ quite much 
in flavor, this month's sampler is undoubtedly your best choice
for a distinct variety of Japanese flavor.

Get your taste of The Tea Crane tea now!

I bet you can't resist!

  • 5 high class Japanese teas.
  • Explanation and brewing guide.
  • Free Shipping!
Only USD $20.00.

In this sampler

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