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Can We Ever Fully Achieve Peace?

Posted by Sōsen Tyas on

I am ‘me’, because I am not ‘you’. His behavior is ‘bad’ because it is not ‘good’. There is ‘peace’, because there is not ‘war’. The things we define in life always co-exist with its opposing counterpart. Without this counterpart, or at least without it not being something else, we would not be able to define this item. And in effect, without its counterpart, certain concepts would simply not be able to exist.

We are only able to think in terms of peace, because there is war. And for us to be able to want peace, war has to exist. Both concepts go hand in hand. Inevitably, when we want something that is ‘good’, its ‘bad’ counterpart will always be present somewhere in this world.

As long as we keep looking for peace, war will continue to exist. Because it is only in opposing to what we perceive as bad, that we can make progress towards something that is good. But, we will never be able to fully achieve that which is good, for then we will loose our purpose.

Should we somehow as the human race be able to fully achieve peace in this world, and war has been eliminated, we must rid ourselves of the concepts of both war and peace, for as long as we continue to refer to something as peace, we will continue to acknowledge that war exists.

It may sound pessimistic to say so, but we will never be able to fully eradicate the possibility of war and evil. But my optimistic self believes that we together, as the human race have the power to at the very least minimize the necessity of evil by inspiring each other to do what is good.

We can’t change someone else, but we can change how we react and behave towards him or her. Do what is right and let it be the first step in creating a world in which peace takes precedence over war. Doing the right thing is always the right thing, and it may inspire someone to do the same. Little by little we can make our contribution to a brighter more beautiful world, and I feel it my responsibility to inspire through sharing what I have learned and gained as a tea person.

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