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Tea ceremony Kyūgetsu

Posted by Sōsen Tyas on

Our Tea ceremony initiations for foreign travelers in Kyoto will from now on be available from our renewed homepage, under our new name ‘Tea ceremony Kyūgetsu’.

For approximately one year now, I have conducted Tea ceremony workshops for foreign travelers in Kyoto. We regaled a variety of visitors from different places around the world, as well as Japanese guests and businesses seeking better understanding of Japanese culture by hearing about our views and understanding.

While our tea ceremony activities have until now existed only as an activity offered through The Tea Crane – my online tea store, I feel that the time has come to reposition and expand this sub-project into a separate Tea ceremony venture. In doing so, I seek to make our services better accessible to our guests, and keep a clear vision on what we in effect hope to achieve.

While The Tea Crane will remain as a brand of high quality naturally produced Japanese tea, Tea ceremony Kyūgetsu will focus on experiencing and learning the rite of tea from whichever angle, or however thorough you prefer. On our renewed homepage, we not only offer our extensive Tea ceremony initiation, we now also provide a shorter option for travelers with a limited time schedule, and a more thorough immersion into the depths of this rite. We also conduct actual Tea ceremony lessons for residents in Kyoto, and will add team-building sessions and lectures for businesses as well.

Our goal is to continue offering the most authentic Tea ceremony activities available in Kyoto, and I feel that repositioning our services this way will aid in providing better services for our international visitors.

Take a look at our renewed homepage here:

We also opened a new Facebook page specifically for our Tea ceremony workshops. Please like our page here:

We will be looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto!

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