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Matcha "Akatsuki"

The Tea Crane

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Matcha "Akatsuki" (暁) is The Tea Crane's original selected matcha for the service of tea during a ritual preparation of thick tea. This tea is of the highest grade and was manufactured in Kyoto's most famous Gyokuro production region, Kyo-tanabe, using mostly organic fertilizers. Kyo-tanabe is known for its highly sweet and lush flavor, suitable for the production of Gyokuro. It is this lushness that is also reflected in this particular Matcha. Harvesting was conducted by hand, resulting in a tea of the highest grade, using only the youngest, freshest and sweetest new buds.



Origin: Kyo-tanabe, Kyoto, Japan (single estate).
Cultivar: Samidori
Harvest: Hand-picked, Spring 2016.
Type: High-grade Matcha green tea.
Contents: 40g or 100g (for practice use without tin can).

Brewing Method
Measurements per person (multiply by as many persons needed).

・Amount of tea :4g (two and a half tea scoop)
・Water temperature:90℃
・Water amount:30cc

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