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Organic First Flush Seed-grown wa-kocha Black Tea 2017

The Tea Crane

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This tea is a high-quality wa-kocha black tea produced on organic farms, and is therefore both safe and unsullied: free of anything known to be unhealthy, and uncontaminated as to flavor. In addition, it is cultivated and treated by means of orthodox manufacturing methods.

This brand is produced from bushes grown from seeds of a Yamato Midori cultivar. As this cultivar is a variety chiefly used in the production of sencha, only the later, coarser leaves are employed in the production of black tea, this resulting in a slightly more bitter and astringent flavor. However, since what has produced this leaf is a green tea cultivar, its aroma will, if compared with that of other black teas, be found to be clearer and more refreshing.



Origin: Tsukigase, Nara, Japan (single estate).
Cultivar: Yamato-midori seed-grown cultivar.
Harvest: Spring 2017.
Type: Organic black tea / loose leaf.
Additional impressions:
Slightly lemon sour as if it were a natural lemon tea; Honey sweet; Floral; Full-bodied; Refreshing.

Brewing Method
Measurements per person.

・Amount of tea :3g
・Water temperature:100℃
・Water amount:150㏄
・Steep duration:3 min

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