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Contemporary industrial tea manufacturing mainly relies on artificial methods. The industry uses mass-production and exploitation for the sake of capitalisation and monopolization.

I am in favor of the natural variation of tea, which offers a greater diversity of authentic teas that improve our health, and quality of life.

This is why I admire - and thus wish to acknowledge, honor, and support - the aspirations and the unstinted labors of small, independent, local Japanese-tea farmers.

And you can help me do that!


What is The Tea Crane™?

The Tea Crane™ is your personal tea sommelier for artisan Japanese tea. As an expert in the art of tea, I will make a monthly selection of Japan's premium, naturally produced artisan teas in the form of a monthly subscription, providing all the details that will allow you to enjoy that tea to its fullest. 


What are the advantages of this subscription? 

This subscription advantages both of us. It advantages you by providing you with a monthly supply of artisan tea that is unobtainable elsewhere. And it advantages me because it will allow me to increase my search for authentic and organic producers throughout Japan.

Moreover, organic farming – especially in tea-farming – is still shamefully undervalued in Japan. By introducing a variety of tea from artisan tea producers and their stories, I can support them with modest contributions.


Why focus on artisan, natural teas?

Industrial tea manufacturing is inclined to rely on artificial methods of production, so that businesses reap the greatest amount of profit without spending any money on 'less profitable' natural methods. 

Processing and homogenising tea reduces the tea's intricate flavor to a singular taste, providing consumers with the same taste each year. This idea is unnatural and inauthentic. Tea, just like wine, produces different characteristics according to the environment they are grown in. This natural variation of flavor produces a greater diversity of tea.

By drinking artisan, natural tea, you will experience the tea's regionality and terroir, a wider variety of aromas, and joy from comparing teas of different harvests and discover their vintage character.

Artisan tea can also preserve the health of our bodies and protect our environment because they are produced by safe and natural methods.


In what way is this subscription exceptional? 

The following is a complete list of characteristics of this subscription package that other services lack. 

  • Your subscription is managed by an artisan Japanese tea specialist. The selection of tea, the presentation of information, and the surveys of the concerning plantations are all conducted by me. 
  • Your subscription is a different package of artisan Japanese tea delivered to you each month. 
  • Your subscription is a course on artisan Japanese tea comprised of detailed information on natural farming techniques, interviews with farmers, brewing guides, and much more.
  • Your subscription is a monthly newsletter concerning artisan Japanese tea.
  • Your subscription only includes tea that is naturally or organically grown, which will help you support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Your subscription is a source of support for Japanese organic tea farmers’ families. It will help boost organic tea production and, in turn, organic tea consumption. 
  • Your subscription is your monthly access to relaxation and enjoyment. 


What makes organic tea superior? 

  • It is environment-friendly. It recognizes the irreplaceable value of mature topsoil, the natural rhythm of the plant, and its surrounding fauna and flora. 
  • It is health-friendly, and free from chemical pesticides and fertilizer residue.
  • It is cultivated with care, passion and love
  • Its flavor is pure and clear. No superfluous additives have been added to the roots. Nor has it been unnecessarily processed. 
  • It is representative of the traditional flavor of Japanese tea. 

These are, at the same time, my guidelines for quality-control.