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The free matcha basics mini video course

10 dedicated videos to get you well on your way with matcha.


Welcome to the FREE Matcha Basics MINI Course. In this video I introduce myself and some of the topics we will be covering in this course.

Segment 1 Lesson 1 |
The implements

In this section I begin with an explanation of the vital implements required to prepare a delicious bowl of matcha tea.

Segment 1 Lesson 2 |
Sifting your matcha

In this video I explain the importance of sifting your matcha.

Segment 1 Lesson 3 |
Preserving your matcha

In this video I explain the importance and illustrate some of the best practices to preserve and store your matcha.

Segment 1 Lesson 4 |
Cleaning your tea whisk and bowl

In this lesson I explain how to clean and care for your tea bowl and tea whisk after use.

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Segment 1 Lesson 5 |
Caring for your tea scoop

In this lesson I explain how to clean your tea scoop, and also what to ABSOLUTELY never do when caring for your bamboo tea scoop.

Look here if you don’t have a tea scoop yet.

Segment 1 Lesson 6 |
Choosing a tea bowl

In this lesson I give some tips and basic instructions on what to look for in a tea bowl when choosing your bowl to prepare a bowl of matcha.

Segment 2 Lesson 1(7) |
Usucha, Thin tea, the type of tea

In this video I explain what type of tea is commonly used to whisk a bowl of thin tea, usucha. I also give a brief introduction how matcha is cultivated, harvested and manufactured for a broader understanding of the tea you are drinking.

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Segment 2 Lesson 2(8) |
How to whisk a bowl of thin tea

In this video I explain and demonstrate how to whisk a proper bowl of thin tea, usucha.

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Segment 3 Lesson 1(9) |
Koicha, Thick tea, The type of tea

In this lesson I explain what kind of matcha is used for thick tea, and what is special about it.

Can’t find a suitable tea for thick tea?
Here are my suggestions for you.

Segment 3 Lesson 2(10) |
How to blend a bowl of thick tea

In this lesson I explain and demonstrate how to skilfully blend a glassy smooth, creamy bowl of thick tea, koicha.

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Outro Summary

Thank you so much for having been part of this little matcha journey. I hope it was meaningful, and I am truly pleased that I have been able to share this information with you.

THANK YOU FOR joining!

I hope the course has provided you value, and I sincerely hope it will have deepened your pleasure of drinking matcha.

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