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10 dedicated videos to guide you on your way with matcha.

Section 1

  • Lesson 1 | The implements (12:29)
  • Lesson 2 | Sifting your matcha (5:36)
  • Lesson 3  | Preserving your matcha (3:36)
  • Lesson 4 | Cleaning your tea whisk and bowl (4:37)
  • Lesson 5 |  Caring for your tea scoop (1:49)
  • Lesson 6 | Choosing a tea bowl (3:41)

Section 2

  • Lesson 7 | Usucha, Thin tea: The type of tea (7:13)
  • Lesson 8 | How to whisk a bowl of thin tea? (7:11)

Section 3

  • Lesson 9 | Koicha, Thick tea: The type of tea (8:41)
  • Lesson 10 | How to blend a bowl of thick tea? (10:05)

FREE PDF Course book included

Do you want to know how to...

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... Properly store your matcha?

... Make a delicious bowl of thick tea?

... Sift your matcha tea powder?

... get a longer lifespan out of your tea whisk?

... Generally enjoy your tea moment more?

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