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As a team of professionals in all areas of Japanese tea we aim to make this store a place where visitors can encounter and enjoy a wide variety of rare and unique tea products.

“Emotionally moved and humbled.”

It was truly the climax of our trip to Japan. We felt emotionally moved after eating and drinking at MA. We felt like having been to a once in a lifetime concert or performance. Having not only witnessed art in the form of cooking and tea but also seeing highly skilled people perform teir craft in front of you, is a truly magnificent experience, to say the least.
Wesley Oostvogels


Here we serve a selection of select teas from throughout Japan.


Imagine a small intimate tea occasion at noon. Begin with a small meal and finish with a refreshing bowl of whipped matcha tea. 
¥2,500 + tax

Tea Tasting

Allow us to guide you through a selection of Japan’s most special teas and discover your personal preferred taste.

Counter tea ceremony

Participate in a formal yet casual service of tea ceremony at a bar counter.
Combining this activity with a kaiseki meal served in our adjacent restaurant will allow you to experience a full intimate tea gathering in a contemporary setting.


Packaged tea may also be purchased in our store.

The Total Concept

Within each individual space, and throughout the whole of the environment we offer a variety of services.

A guiding theme throughout the environment we create is to provide an experience of the balance between the mundane and the other-worldly.

Photos and images used on this page, courtesy to © Ryosuke Ozawa

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