Who is growing your tea?

Fumiaki Iwata

Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen Tea-Farm

From a healthy topsoil to a natural flavor. Zero chemicals, Zero Fertilizer. Simply nature in a cup.

Toshihiro Kajihara

Ocha no Kajihara Tea-Farm

The foundational principle of tea manufacturing is to guide the humidity in the leaf to the surface.

Akira Miyazaki

Miyazaki Sabō Tea-Farm

Inspiring people to drink organic tea by producing a tea that revitalizes the drinker from the inside out.

Masashi Harajima


Producing a healthy natural tea in the snowy mountains of Yame.

Ken'ichi Ikawa

Ken’ichi Shizen Nōen Tea-Farm

Teaching people about the environmental problem, while caring for everyone’s health.

Ren Yamagata

Chaen Musubi Tea-Farm

Preserving the centuries old tea cultivating traditions in the old mountain town of Mandokoro.

Etsuro Masui

Mirai Tea Farmer Masui-en

Japanese tea inspired by traditional Chinese and Taiwanese tea manufacturing methods.

Yōichi Kōrogi

Gokase Midori Seicha Tea-Farm

A truly delicious tea is born from the plant’s inherent natural energy.

Tokuya Yamazaki

Kamo Natural Tea-farm

Rebuilding a healthy and strong body, and a healthy environment for the children of the future.

Sayo Nakamura

Chabobo-en Tea-Farm

Determined to protect this region’s traditions and disappearing tea culture.

Teruko Azuma

Azuma Chaen Tea-Farm

Evading the necessity for use of pesticides through only harvesting once a year in Spring.

Takatomo Katagi

Katagi Kōkaen Tea-Farm

Natural pesticide free tea farming in the mountains around Japan’s largest lake Biwa.

Yuma Noike

Chaburaya tea-farm

Reducing labor, limiting human interference, to create a product nurtured with the traits and strength of nature.

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