The Tea Crane Original Tea Whisk


The Tea Crane Original Tea Whisk
Indigo-white dual colored string on black bamboo
Shaped in the specific shape of the Enshu school of tea ceremony.


This tea whisk was designed and ordered from a skilled tea whisk artisan in Takayama by Tyas Sosen.

It’s an original tea whisk reflecting the ideas and style of The Tea Crane flagship store in Kyoto.
– The Indigo and white threads reflect the current identifying colors of The Tea Crane.
– The choice for black bamboo is related to the choice of dark wood for the interior of the shop.
– The shape of the tea whisk is made according to the preference of the Enshu-school of tea ceremony.

The whisk was crafted by Hirata Kazuhisa, one of the very few craftsmen in the only region in Japan, Takayama in Nara prefecture, where traditional hand-crafted bamboo tea whisks are produced.


Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 original bamboo tea whisk.
  • Packaging: cardboard box.
  • Size: Height of tea whisk 11 cm.
Weight 50 g


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