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Introducing the only dedicated Japanese craft-tea subscription direct from Japan.

What if I told you that you could bring your own personal tea sommelier for artisan Japanese tea into your own home? An expert who makes a monthly selection of Japan's premium, naturally produced, artisan teas, and with it, provides all the details that could allow you to enjoy that tea to its fullest extent. Absolutely terrific, wouldn't it be?

That's exactly what I will do for you.


Launch schedule:
Kickstarter campaign: Late July.
First shipment: October 2018.


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What will this subscription include?

  • A selection of 2 to 3 authentic, naturally produced teas, selected by me, from an artisan tea producer in Japan. 
  • An informative pamphlet including a profile of the manufacturer, an interview with the farmer, tea reviews, notes on manufacturing methods, farm pictures, brewing guides, and much more - basically everything that can give depth to your experience of drinking the tea.
  • Access to back numbers and direct access to me for answers to your questions on Japanese tea.


Why do we need this subscription?

MY VISION: I believe that tea can help us rediscover the respectful ways for a peaceful coexistence with nature; the traditional values that support an appreciative way of interacting with one another; and ultimately assists us to help make this world a better place.

The current state of tea manufacturing is focussed on mass-production, over-consumption and exploitation for the sake of capitalism and mere material gain. Shallow materialism and rapid gratification to our egos have come to dominate present day society. 

MY MISSION is to rediscover and bring back an awareness of the deeper values embedded in tradition that drive us as respectful and appreciative spiritual beings, and do this through introducing authentic, environmentally friendly teas, produced by passionate producers.


My guidelines for selecting such teas are:

  • The tea I select is in line with what drives us as respectful, appreciative spiritual beings.
  • I seek natural teas that are rooted in tradition, and were crafted with passion.
  • I look for natural, environmentally friendly approaches that give best expression to the tea's authentic terroir.
  • I admire; and thus wish to acknowledge, honor, and support the inspiration and the unstinted labors of that tiny body of small, independent, local Japanese-tea farmers.

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Why a subscription? Why not just sell tea?

  1. I want you to be able to enjoy tea at a deeper level. Sending a subscription will allow me to focus on the teas at hand an provide more thorough going information in the accompanying pamphlet.
  2. A subscription is a discovery. The world of Japanese tea is extensive, and by selecting different teas each month I will be able to cover a broader variety of manufacturers, regions and types of tea.
  3. It supports my idea of minimalism. No need for unnecessary stock; no products that go to waste. I only only obtain what is needed, and provide you with only what is good. I believe this helps us to be happy with, and more appreciative of what we have; the small things in life.


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