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Kyushu Tea Farm Trip August 2018

I am going on a journey to Kyushu, Japan's southern island, to visit with passionate producers that manufacture authentic artisan teas.

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Travel schedule:
Departure: August 2, 2018.
Return: August 15, 2018.


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The journey:

  • August 2: Departure in Osaka by ferry to Shibushi.
  • August 3: Early morning arrival in Shibushi. Meetings in Kagoshima area.
  • August 4: Kagoshima area.
  • August 5: Producer visit in Ashikita, Kumamoto.
  • August 6: Producer visit in Gokase and Takachiho, Miyazaki.
  • August 7: Discovery Miyazaki area.
  • August 8: Yame, with a special stop on the way.
  • August 9: Yame area.
  • August 10: Oita, relaxation and rest in Beppu.
  • August 11: Usuki. Ferry to Yawatahama.
  • August 12: Producer visit in Ehime.
  • August 13: Producer visit in Kochi.
  • August 14:Producer visit in Takamatsu.
  • August 15: Producer visit in Okayama. Return to Osaka. 


More information on this journey will be added as our preparations progress. Look forward to updates on which producers we will visit; places we will stay; the roads we will drive; the teas we will drink; the foods we'll eat; and much more.


This journey is inspired by:


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