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The Tea Crane Tea Sampler

Are you new to the world of Japanese tea?
Never had organic tea before?
Maybe you just aren't sure which tea to pick?

Then this is something for you.


  1.  5 samples of The Tea Crane's tea.

  2. An informative card with brewing guide for each tea.
    (Printed on craft paper post cards with our authentic The Tea Crane design.)

  3. Presented in a fitted box, perfect for smart shipping, compact storage and easy to keep your samples and information together.

  4. Free shipping!
    (by economy airmail.)


We know how difficult it is to choose a tea you really like without having tried it first.

Therefore, we want to allow you the opportunity to taste before you make your choice.

And when you make your choice, we want to make sure that you pick your favorite, based on your understanding and experience with our tea.

We want to be honest and want to make it easy for you to make the right choice.

This is also why we pick the teas for you.

That's true, you don't get to choose.

We have selected a combination of 5 different teas from our collections.

The reason why we do this is simple.

  1. We know what's best for you!

  2. Well,... we know which teas are similar and which are complete opposites.
    Consequently, we know how to select our teas to present you with a varied and select group of 5 from which it is easy for you to pick a favorite.

  3. We also want to educate. We put together a selection of teas that when combined, tell a story. 

  4. Last but not least, we want to allow variation and maintain the effect of surprise.

Find out which teas you are buying.

I want this!



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  • 5 high class Japanese teas.
  • Explanation and brewing guide.
  • Free Shipping!
All that for only USD $20.00.