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Shipping Policy

This page contains the most up-to-date policies. In the case that there is a discrepancy with information written elsewhere, this page is to be considered the policy currently in force.




FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on orders exceeding 300g total.


Shipping rates are based on the weight of the total shipment and the shipping method. Shipping rates are calculated to include handling, packaging, and in particular cases extra fees and labor necessary for export from Japan.
STANDARD shipping and EXPRESS shipping options are available for selection at checkout after having entered your shipping details. Shipping rates for each option (STANDARD or EXPRESS) are automatically calculated based on the total weight of the order. 

STANDARD shipping is FREE for orders exceeding 300g of tea. For small shipments of less than 300g, we charge a flat fee of USD 5.00.

EXPRESS shipping rates are calculated according to the numbers indicated in the table below:

 0g > 750g
USD 22.00
750g > 1kg
USD 32.00
1kg > 1.5kg
USD 41.00

1.5kg > 2kg

USD 50.00

 For shipments over 1kg total, please inquire with us directly via email at



Our products are shipped exclusively via Japan’s postal service system, Japan Post, which works in cooperation with the postal service in your country to deliver your items.
Two methods of shipping are available: STANDARD Shipping and EXPRESS Shipping.

STANDARD shipments are processed through "Surface Air Lifted Economy" (SAL) mail or standard airmail. EXPRESS shipments are processed through the “Express Mail Service” (EMS) for a rapid delivery.

Availability: Worldwide. (with limitation of certain regions. Check if your area is available for standard shipping here:
No insurance; No tracking. 
TIME: two to three weeks calculated in business days. Shipped by SAL or airmail from Japan. (Please note that additional delays might occur during busy holiday seasons and similar time periods.)

EXPRESS Delivery is faster, has a more precise schedule and is traceable with a tracking number. It is also insured up to USD 200,- for loss of shipment.
Availability: Worldwide (with limitation of certain regions. Check if your area is available for express shipping here:
Insurance up to $200
Tracking by tracking number included.
TIME: 3-6 business days. Shipped express by airmail through EMS.

Times are approximate, and may depend on your country, region, or other circumstances. Please note that we don’t guarantee exact delivery times and dates.

To track your package, please follow the link in the confirmation email we will send you when the shipment has been dispatched. (Only available for EXPRESS delivery)



Processing of orders generally requires 2-3 business days. In some cases, due to inventory or backlog, it may require longer. A notice will be sent to you when your item is shipped.



Neither The Tea Crane nor its Partners are responsible for loss or non-delivery of a shipment after it has been sent from the post office in Japan.

If a tracking number is available for the shipment (EXPRESS), we will reship the package in the case of loss by the postal service. However, in the event of non-delivery due to failure to accept the shipment, we will reship the order after it has returned to us (requires approximately 3 months). In this case, cost of shipping must be borne by the customer.



In the event of damage to a shipment, please contact us immediately and we will attempt to rectify the situation to the best of our ability. Photographic evidence is required, and must be submitted to us at within 7 days of arrival. Please take photographs immediately upon arrival if you believe something is wrong with the shipment.



In general, all sales on this Website are final. However, we may accept returns and/or refunds on a case by case basis if your package has arrived damaged or defective in some way. Please be sure to take photographic evidence and contact us immediately.



Please note that customs regulations vary from country to country and officials in various countries may inspect your shipment, including intrusive inspection (opening of your package). Neither The Tea Crane nor its Partners can guarantee any method to prevent this from happening. We are also unable to mark items as “gifts” as this is both illegal and has no bearing on whether a package is or is not inspected. You are responsible for any import taxes or other duties that may be charged by the customs and postal services of your country.

Indication of Rates of Customs Duties on Tea Leaves
United States---no duty
Canada---no duty
Australia---no duty
United Kingdom---no duty up to 32 Pound (3.2 % over 32 Pound)
European Union---no duty up to 22 Euro (3.2 % over 22 Euro)
United Arab Emirates---no duty
Brazil---no duty up to 50US dollar (10% over 50US dollar)
Russian Federation---no duty up to 5,000US dollar (20% over 5,000US dollar)
Singapore---no duty
Taiwan---no duty up to 300TW dollar (19.4% over 300TW dollar)
China---no duty up to 1,000 Yuan (15% over 1,000 Yuan)
The Republic of Korea---no duty up to 100,000 Won (513.6% over 100,000 Won)

Only a few countries prohibit the importing tea leaves
Sri Lanka

Taxes other than customs duty, for example, VAT (Value-Added Tax), may be imposed upon receipt of the parcel (mostly applicable for EU countries). It depends on the regulations of your country, order contents, order amount, etc. The Tea Crane won’t charge you any taxes with your order payment for international shipments. For more details about what taxes may be required in your country, please contact the tax or customs authority in your country.

In addition, the information on Customs Duties included above is based on our good understanding only. We are not responsible if this information is not accurate, complete or current. The material on this site is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete or more timely sources of information. Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk.



Choosing a shipping option without tracking and insurance when a shipping option with tracking and insurance (EXPRESS Airmail) is available, represents your recognition of the inherent risks involved with these international shipping methods. As such, you agree to waive your right to claim non-arrival in the event that a delivery does not reach its destination.


Last Revised: June 15, 2018