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Special Message from Tyas Sōsen

Hi, I’m Tyas Sōsen.

I wanted to take a moment and welcome you into The Tea Crane community!

Here’s a video I made to say hello.


You’ve found an amazing group of people.

People that are excited about tea and the way it enriches their lives in a way that is relaxed, healthy, and respectful!

If you want to hear what we’re talking about—and keep track of the fun stuff going on in my life and the latest on The Tea Crane—it’s easy to connect with all of us by liking my Facebook page.

I recently posted a few videos of my trips to tea producers in Japan:

Watch them here.


But I have to be honest...

I’m writing to do more than just say hi. I have something to ask of you… It’s a big favor…

Please have a look at my latest project.

Your support means the world to me.


I feel like we’re starting to get to know each other!

Well, you’re getting to know me.

Help me get to know you by posting in my Facebook group. There’s always fun stuff happening in The Tea Crane community—like my page so I can keep you in the loop!

I look forward to talking soon.