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Are you perhaps a tea-retailer working elsewhere than Japan? Have you considered whether or not what The Tea Crane offers would suitably augment your stock? Does your current tea range possibly lack truly high-quality Japanese teas? Or do you need guidance in sourcing those Japanese teas that would best suit your brand?

Or are you instead a restaurateur catering to customers who prove willing to try something new? Or are you searching for that tea which may best enhance the flavours and aromas of the inventive dishes on your current menu?

The Tea Crane will help you with any of these requirements. We offer a variety of services, ranging from providing our tea-selection in bulk, and wholesale at reduced prices, to guiding you in sourcing locally that tea which for your customers will have the greatest appeal.

Use the form below to reach out to us concerning our wholesale pricing; and feel free to contact us with any other inquiry you may wish have answered.

We are looking forward to providing you with some of the finest and purest of teas now available on this globe, in order to assist you in expanding your business, by enriching your present tea-range.