Liquid Jade

Tea has been consumed in Japan for centuries. In those years methods have developed for producing ultimately delicious tea. It is only in recent years that advances in science and mechanics have allowed for major changes in the production process of tea. I believe that a truly authentically traditional tea can only be obtained when its manufacturing methods too have not been polluted by popular tricks and methods.

Think of the tea that the ancient sages drank when discussing poetry, the arts, or philosophy. Or think of the deep meditative experiences old tea seller Baisao experienced through sharing and drinking tea.

Our selection of liquid Jade teas follows the following principles:

  1. The flavor of the tea is in line of the taste of tea as it was over 100 years ago.
  2. Only organic/natural approaches were applied when cultivating the tea, and it was produced only to bring out the true flavor of the tea itself.
  3. The tea has a comforting effect on the body and nourishes the spirit and the mind of the drinker.
  4. These teas are “nature in a cup.” Or the “Liquid Jade” the ancient sages drank when seeking to lift their spirits to higher levels of awareness.

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