Air Kyusu – Tritan Transparent Teapot

[Made in Japan]

Lightweight | Unbreakable | Heat-resistant
Transparent Tritan Kyusu teapot.
Made with the same durable, safe material as baby bottles

  • Compatible with Japanese tea, Chinese tea, Taiwanese tea, black tea, etc.
  • Cold and heat resistant (-20℃ ~ 110℃)
  • Dishwasher safe / Bleach and alcohol can be used for cleaning
  • BPA Free

1x 260ml Tritan kyusu with 18-8 stainless steel strainer.


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Durable, heat resistant tea pot, usable for a variety of tea.

If you are looking for 1 tea pot to serve your everyday tea brewing needs at home, then this tea pot will be the perfect partner for you.


Reinvented from the logic and innovation behind baby bottles. Made with the amazing durable, heat-resistant, lightweight TRITAN Saturated polyester resin material.

Heat resistant

It does not transfer the heat to prevent you from burning your fingers on the outside of the tea pot. You can safely place the tea pot containing hot water on your palm without getting burned.

Cold and heat resistant (-20℃ ~ 110℃)


Weighs only 108g total to make it an amazing teapot to bring on your outdoor adventures or journeys across the world.

Transparent simple design

An essential design for the most functional tea pot. The see through transparent body allows you to appreciate the unfurling of your tea and the color of the delicious brew that awaits you from the outside.

You can even stack multiple tea pots easily.


It won’t break and shatter to pieces if you drop it. No change of cutting yourself on the shards.
It won’t scorch your fingers when accidentally touched on the outside.


Wash with any detergent, or even in the dishwasher to keep your teapot clean and hygienic.
Bleach or alcohol can be used for cleaning without damaging the material.

Weight151 g





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Air Kyusu – Tritan Transparent Teapot

Availability: Only 3 left in stock