Asamiya Kuki Hojicha Roasted Twig Tea 50g

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Highly fragrant roasted twig tea – Kuki Hojicha from pesticide free tea.
Manufactured in the old tea region of Asamiya.
Grown by one of the pioneers of natural tea farming.

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This tea was featured in the May 2021 Tea Club first, before I launched this tea as an official product.

I chose to share this roasted tea with you not only because of its exceptional taste, but because it’s something of a rarity itself. It’s a kukicha, a tea that is made up only of stems and twigs. Many organic hojicha teas will include some stems, but it’s very rare to find an organic version of kukicha. When the manufacturer filters out the twigs to produce sencha, he saves and roasts them for this special hojicha.

Hojicha is sometimes derisively called demonocha, meaning garbage or junk tea. You’ll find that this Katagi kukicha is far from refuse. It has a relaxing toastiness that is perfect for the few cool evenings remaining before summer arrives. There’s a hint of citrusy sweetness to it as well that you may only discover after repeated tastings. This flavor comes from the starches in the stems – the nutrients that are sustaining new leaf buds. Overall, it’s a complex taste profile that outperforms standard brands of hojicha that simply come off as nutty and roasted.


As a special add-on, you also get access to a downloadable digital version of the May 2021 special Tea Club members only booklet with detailed information about the Asamiya region and the Katagi family. Simultaneously discover more about our Liquid Jade – Asamiya Sencha and its origins.



Origin: Asamiya, Shiga, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Takatomo Katagi.
Type: green tea / Roasted tea; Hojicha / loose leaf.

Brewing Suggestion

Small amounts

・Water amount:100ml
・Amount of tea :3~4g

・Water temperature:off the boil
・Steep duration:1~2 min.

To brew in larger amounts

・Water amount:1L
・Amount of tea :10g

・Water temperature:off the boil
・Steep duration:1~2 min.


Watch The Tea Club ed. May 2021 Preview video here:


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2 reviews for Asamiya Kuki Hojicha Roasted Twig Tea 50g

  1. Richard Panse

    Wow!! This is not junk tea, it is awesome. I love the fact that it is low in caffeine and it’s taste is just amazing.

  2. RJ (verified owner)

    This is, by far, my favorite Hojicha. The flavors are full and amazing, and you can drink it at any time of day without any worries. The only downside is the limited availability!

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Asamiya Kuki Hojicha Roasted Twig Tea 50g

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