Bamboo Tea Scoop made in Japan

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Stylish bamboo tea scoop.
Use to measure the amount of matcha needed for a bowl of usucha or koicha.


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Enhance your matcha experience with an excellent bamboo tea scoop to measure the amount of matcha powder for a delicious bowl of tea.

For a bowl of thin-tea (usucha), scoop tea with the bowl of the tea-scoop only, and insert 2 scoops and a half into your tea-bowl.

For a bowl of thick-tea (koicha), use the entire front half of the tea-scoop to draw tea onto, and measure three scoops per one person’s portion.

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1 review for Bamboo Tea Scoop made in Japan

  1. RJ

    I have received two of these scoops as of this writing. One was part of one of the Matcha sets you can buy here (The sets are a very good deal if you need/want multiple things. Check them out!) and the other was part of a special set you can purchase once you purchase Enshu tea lessons, also available on this website (and also very much worth it if you have any interest in tea ceremony).

    You won’t be impressing any die hard tea heads with these simple scoops. That said, they are a perfect, non-flashy way of measuring the exact amount of tea you need to make delicious matcha. The low cost makes them a great choice for beginners, or for a travel set.

    Unlike other cheap scoops you might find on various online markets these scoops are very smooth, with no roughness or big splinters. As of this writing, if you live in the US they are the equivalent to import scoops in the $12-$16 range. So not only are these scoops serviceable and risk free, they are also reasonably priced!

    If you need a scoop, this is a good one to throw in your cart. If you need multiple items though, I highly suggest checking out the sets first as I already mentioned. Even if you don’t need one, they make great gifts for friends!

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