Bamboo Tea Whisk made in Japan

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Traditionally hand-crafted bamboo tea whisk.
Made in Japan by Yasaburo Tanimura.
Assessed and approved by Tyas Sosen.


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This tea whisk is suitable for the preparation of a delicious bowl of thin tea matcha.
They are crafted by Yasaburo Tanimura, one of the very few craftsmen in the only region in Japan, Takayama in Nara prefecture, where traditional hand-crafted bamboo tea whisks are produced.
Being produced in Japan by highly-specialized craftsmen, ensures that this tea whisk is supremely able to serve its purpose.
Assessed and approved by Tyas Sosen.

Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 bamboo tea whisk.
  • Packaging: cardboard box.
  • Size: Height of tea whisk 11 cm.
Weight40 g


1 review for Bamboo Tea Whisk made in Japan

  1. RJ (verified owner)

    Standard curled tip style whisk (Enshu school’s preferred style is not curled, and they are available elsewhere on this website). Threads are presented outward if you follow a special tea school that requires that, but are short enough that you could probably tuck them if if you needed to. Works very well and lasts the standard 90+ days with frequent daily use if you use smooth or very lightly bumped bowls.

    The price is also very fair, equally priced to other standard import whisks if you live in the US. The only thing I can think of to consider is that this whisk’s handle is on the light and thin side. If you are used to thick and heavy handles the grip might feel a little odd at first, but it is not hard to get used to. Folks with arthritic fingers might find the light weight to be much easier to work with.

    I’ve made a lot of very good matcha with some excellent foam using this whisk. If you are in need, this one will serve you well.

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Bamboo Tea Whisk made in JapanBamboo Tea Whisk made in Japan

Availability: In stock