Bamboo Tea Scoop – Hana-gasumi

Bamboo tea scoop with tube and box.
Name: Hana-gasumi 花霞.
Carving & InscriptionKanba Tōgaku (神波東嶽).

This tea scoop is a unique, hand-made piece. There is only ONE scoop available.


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Bamboo tea scoop for tea ceremony with accompanying tube, wooden box. Inscribed with the name ‘Hana-gasumi’. The name refers to a hazy curtain of flowers that can be seen in the distance. The image is usually used to describe the sight of the cherry blossoms in spring appearing from afar like white mist.

The bamboo tube and the inside of the lid of the wooden box are inscribed with the name of the tea scoop and the information of the person who made the scoop and the inscription.

It was created by Kanba Tōgaku (神波東嶽), chief abbot of the Yōtoku-in temple in the Daitokuji complex in Kyoto. Kanba Tōgaku was born in 1938. He became the abbot of the Zentokuji temple in 1956 and furthered his practice of Zen with master Tachibana Daiki. From April 1960 he entered the specialization dojo for apprentice monks at Daitokuji and studied Zen for 12 years. In May 1971 he became the head priest at Yōtoku-in temple. In 2004 he took up the post of secretary-general of religious affairs at the Daitokuji temple.

Yōtoku-in (養徳院) temple is located in the South-western corner of the Daitokuji temple complex. The temple covers an area of approximately 2317 sqm (700 tsubo). It served as the ancestral temple of the Ashikaga shogun family and dates back to the Muromachi period. The temple houses the Kanjiseki tea pavilion in the Northern reception hall.

This tea scoop is unique and one-off.
The pattern on the bamboo is natural and can’t be recreated.
The scoop is carved by hand.
The inscription was made by hand with a brush and ink.
This tea scoop is a unique piece. There is only ONE scoop available.

Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 bamboo tea scoop with bamboo tube and wooden box.
  • Packaging: wooden outer box with outer cardboard box.
  • Size: Length of tea scoop 18 cm.
Weight210 g



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