Antique Bamboo Tea Scoop – Shōfū

Bamboo tea scoop with tube and box.
Name: Shōfū 松風.
Carving & InscriptionMatsuo Sōgo (松尾宗吾), 10th Grandmaster of the Matsuo tea ceremony school.

This tea scoop is a unique, hand-made piece. There is only ONE scoop available.


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Bamboo tea scoop for tea ceremony with accompanying tube, wooden box. Inscribed with the name ‘Shōfū (松風)’. The term calls to mind the calm whistling sound of the wind in the pines, and is often used to refer to the calming sound of the hot water boiling in the iron kettle in the tea chamber.

The bamboo tube and the inside of the lid of the wooden box are inscribed with the name of the tea scoop and the information of the person who made the scoop and the inscription.

It was created by Matsuo Sōgo (松尾宗吾), 10th Grandmaster of the Matsuo tea ceremony school. Matsuo Sōgo lived from 1899 to 1972. He studied Zen at the Daitokuji temple and learned tea ceremony under the Grand Master of the Omote-senke school. He succeeded the grand master of the Matsuo school (松尾流) in 1928.

This tea scoop is unique and one-off.
The pattern on the bamboo is natural and can’t be recreated.
The scoop is carved by hand.
The inscription was made by hand with a brush and ink.
This tea scoop is a unique piece. There is only ONE scoop available.

Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 bamboo tea scoop with bamboo tube and wooden box.
  • Packaging: wooden outer box.
  • Size: Length of tea scoop 18.5 cm.
Weight210 g



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