Chasta Kyusu – Tritan Transparent Teapot

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Lightweight | Unbreakable | Heat-resistant
Transparent Tritan Kyusu teapot.
Made with the same durable, safe material as baby bottles

  • Made in Japan
  • Cold and heat resistant (-20℃ ~ 110℃)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free

1x 250ml Tritan shiboridashi kyusu.


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Discover the durable, heat resistant, elegant tea pot, usable for a variety of tea.

If you are looking for a sturdy, elegant, easy and safe to use tea pot to serve your everyday tea brewing needs, at home, out in the wild, or on your travels, then this tea pot will be the perfect partner for you.

Special filter unit

The tea pot comes  in three pieces.

  1. The body
  2. The lid
  3. The filter

The filter is removable to allow for easy cleaning and the most hygienic approach.

! Caution !
When cleaning the teapot or throwing the tea leaf out of the teapot, make sure to remove the filter first.
Since this item is small, it can be easily overlooked and end up in the garbage with the tea leaf.
Pay extra caution to safeguarding this item when cleaning the teapot since a spare unit is not provided in this set.

Tritan from eastman

  • Clear and transparent
  • Highly durable and almost indestructible
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Resistant against heat and the use of chemical detergents

Tritan is a material that was invented by the American eastman company and is used in many applications that require safety and durability as their first priority. It is used in making baby bottles to allow babies to handle the bottle containing warm milk without hurting their vulnerable soft hands. Thanks to its durability there is no risk of them hurting themselves on sharp glass shards in case the bottle breaks as a result of dropping it, since it won’t break at all!

Repurposing this material for adult use in the form of a teapot is perhaps the best idea of the Century!
No more worries about dropping and breaking your teapot or lid.
No more scorched fingers from touching the scalding exterior of the teapot.
And all that in an elegant, ergonomic and appealing teapot.


Reinvented from the logic and innovation behind baby bottles. Made with the amazing durable, heat-resistant, lightweight TRITAN Saturated polyester resin material.
Kids and adults alike can use this teapot. Its durability brings us a safe and easy to use teapot to enjoy our daily cup of tea with full peace-of-mind.

Heat resistant

It does not transfer the heat to prevent you from burning your fingers on the outside of the teapot. You can safely place the teapot containing hot water on your palm without getting burned.

Cold and heat resistant (-20℃ ~ 110℃)


Extremely lightweight to make it an amazing teapot to bring on your outdoor adventures or journeys across the world.
Same functionality ass glass, but over half the weight of the same material.

Transparent simple design

An essential design for the most functional tea pot. The see through transparent body allows you to appreciate the unfurling of your tea and the color of the delicious brew that awaits you from the outside.

Since the common side- or rear-handle has been removed on this design it makes it highly portable and easy to store.


BPA-free. Made with baby-safe material.
Wash with any detergent, or even in the dishwasher to keep your teapot clean and hygienic.
Bleach or alcohol can be used for cleaning without damaging the material.



  • This product is a teapot.
  • Do not place near fire.
  • Do not use if damaged.
  • Do not use over an open flame.
  • Do not use in microwaves or ovens.
  • Do not fill to the brim with water.
  • Be careful to avoid burns when adding hot water.
  • Some foods may cause color migration to this product. This does not cause an issue to use the product.
  • Do not put the peel of citrus fruits in the teapot. Peels may deteriorate the quality.
  • Fine tea leaf may come through the filter holes.
  • Do not use food preservation plastic wrap. It may stick and become difficult to remove.
  • Do not use MCT oil. It may damage the teapot. (MCT is a medium-chain fatty acid oil that is contained in coconut oil.)
  • The product may be deformed with strong light.
  • This product is dishwasher safe


  • Raw material resin: Saturated polyester resin (Made of Tritan from eastman)
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 110℃
  • Cold-resistant temperature: -20℃
  • Content: 250ml (full)
  • Made in Japan
  • Produced by Kyoeiseicha Co., Ltd.
Weight251 g




1 review for Chasta Kyusu – Tritan Transparent Teapot

  1. RJ (verified owner)

    This teapot is exactly as advertised. Light weight, simple to use and clean, easy on the fingers when 98c water is in it, and I imagine it would be extremely difficult to break the “baby bottle” material. Just a few ml above where the spout begins at the bottom is the 125ml (1/2 US cup) mark, which makes eyeballing small amounts of water a breeze (the amount featured in the picture above is probably around 110-115ml). Being able to see the tea clearly from the side is a bonus for presentation.

    The only negative I can think of is already mentioned up front, as the inner strainer piece is rather small and comes out easily (note that the lid holds it firmly in place when it is on, so no worries about it falling into the tea). Just have to be mindful of that piece when cleaning it, or hope it doesn’t pop off into a dark corner if it is dropped. Because of the honesty of the item’s description, as well as a clear notice in the packing itself, I am not going to hold that against the makers of this pot. I actually enjoy the fact that it can be removed for both easy cleaning and for different pouring purposes.

    On that note, since one of the advertising pictures is someone whisking, making matcha with this thing is not going to be the easiest task unless you are accustomed to working with small and oddly shaped cups. It can be done, but it is not the most casual experience.

    The last thing I want to bring up for folks that might be worried about the material imparting a plastic taste, I am happy to report that, just like a baby bottle, there are no added flavors. The result is exactly like using a non-porous ceramic or enameled pot.

    I was a little skeptical before I tried it, but after spending a half day using it I am sold on the idea. I am happy to have it as part of my little collection. I look forward to using it for travel/picnics without having to worry about breaking anything!

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Chasta Kyusu – Tritan Transparent Teapot

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