Compact Travel Kyusu

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170 ml small handle-less Tokoname Kyusu for travel.
The perfect size to make tea for yourself or to share with a companion.
Comes with an easy strainer in the lid to prevent tea leaf from entering your cup.

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Famous Pottery Region
Tokoname, Aichi, Japan.

Tea pot
Versatile travel kyusu.

Regional clay and craftsmanship.

Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 handle-less travel teapot (with built-in strainer).
  • Packaging: Cardboard box.
  • Size (tea pot): 170ml

Handle-less compact travel Kyusu

Since it has no handle, it can be put away without consuming more space than any mug-cup. This is at the same time why it makes for the ideal travel companion to enjoy tea anywhere.

Bamboo woven basket style look and feel

The bamboo woven basket style look and feel of this Tokoname Kyusu tea pot gives it a highly stylish character. It was manufactured from high-quality local clay and fired in a kiln as is common with Japanese earthenware tea pots.

Compact Travel Kyusu
Compact Travel Kyusu

Single-handed handling

This tea-pot can be handled with one hand, taking it at both sides and keeping the lid in place using the index-finger. On both sides of the edge it has additional decorated grips that can be used as handles to hold the tea pot when pouring. This again keeps your hands safe from heat.

Easy cleaning

Tea leaves can be easily thrown out, and it can be washed rapidly thanks to its open shape.

Compact Travel Kyusu
Compact Travel Kyusu

Built-in strainer

This tea pot comes with grooves in the mouth of the tea pot’s body AND with a built in strainer in the lid to prevent any leaf to pass through and enter your tea cup, while allowing for easy passage of the liquid to leave without clogging the exits.

Compact Travel Kyusu


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1 review for Compact Travel Kyusu

  1. Victoria (verified owner)

    Recently took this Compact Travel Kyusu on a long trip. Perfect size, Easy to pack, Sturdy, and works perfectly. The clay buttons on the side do protect your fingers from the hot Kyusu. The design of the lid with two pouring holes is great. The Kyusu is very balanced in the hand and makes pouring easy. I would recommend this Kyusu.

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Compact Travel KyusuCompact Travel Kyusu

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