Gourd Yuzamashi water cooler tea pitcher


Tokoname-yaki is one of the largest producers of tea-ware, and especially Kyusu tea-pots in Japan. Their Kyusu are very user friendly and are created with the greatest attention to the balance and harmony between beauty and usefulness.

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Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 Gourd Yuzamashi Water Cooler Tea Pitcher.
  • Packaging: Cardboard box.

Yuzamashi water cooler pitchers are used to cool down the water before pouring it over the tealeaf when infusing for example Gyokuro or Kabusecha. Transferring the hot water into a pitcher as these, the water generally tends to cool down by approximately 10 degrees Celsius.

This pitcher can also be used to extract the brew into before dividing it over different cups. It is better to extract all the liquid from your tea pot once completely. This will allow you to brew a delicious tea again for successive infusions. When drinking alone, having a vessel to collect your tea into helps.

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