Fragrant Roasted Matcha – Hoji Matcha 30g

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Organic Fragrant Roasted Matcha.
Low in caffeine.
Stone-milled from roasted Tencha leaf.
Suitable for whisking as well as cooking.

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Single Estate
Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan.

Matcha Material
Produced from Tencha tea leaf.

Green Tea
Organic Matcha.

New Harvest
Spring 2021.

About the manufacturer

Teruko Azuma

Director at  Azuma Chaen

Pesticide free and organic matcha from Kyoto. Besides matcha they also produce sencha and black tea, but only if a secondary harvest is necessary to maintain the vitality of their tea bushes.

80% matcha production
Harvest only once a year

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 bowl of thin tea.

Amount of tea

(two and a half tea scoop)

Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

Whisk briskly
with a bamboo tea whisk

Additional comments:

Use one teaspoon of matcha and 70~90cc of hot water and add into a tea bowl. Use a bamboo tea whisk to whisk a froth onto the tea.

Other uses:

Use this Roasted Matcha powder in sweets, shakes or smoothies. 
There is no limitation to the creativity with which you may take advantage of the deliciously fragrant aroma of this tea to enhance your sweets, cookies, or shakes.
Simply sprinkling a little bit of the Hoji Matcha powder on your yoghurt or ice cream will already enhance the experience.

Since this is a roasted tea, it may also serve as a low-caffeine replacement for matcha in case you are caffeine sensitive, 
or if you are looking for a delicious drink in the evening.

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Fragrant Roasted Matcha – Hoji Matcha 30g


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1 review for Fragrant Roasted Matcha – Hoji Matcha 30g

  1. Richard Panse (verified owner)

    My first time trying Hoji Matcha and I love it. It has a delicious cocoa and ever so slight coffee flavor to it. I like the fact that it has less caffeine and all the other health benefits of green matcha.

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Fragrant Roasted Matcha – Hoji Matcha 30g

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