Kanayamidori Kamairicha Withering Fragrance 2021


** Limited Batch Available – gone is gone! **
Withered Kanayamidori Kamairicha imbuing it with gentle aromas reminiscent of lightly oxidized Oolong.
A truly unique Japanese pan-fired tea by tea magician Mr. Korogi.

Tea farmer Yōichi is very passionate about making and experimenting with producing tea.
Besides his regular pan-fired teas he experiments a lot with withering and roasting approaches to produce some of the most unique teas.
This particular kamairicha of the Kanayamidori cultivar has been withered slightly before processing, imbuing it with a deliciously fragrant aroma.
It has also been picked and manufactured by hand and in total only 2kg have been produced of this tea. I am happy to be able to share this unique specimen with you, my tea club members, and wish that you may savor and enjoy it.


Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Yōichi Kōrogi.
Cultivar: Kanayamidori cultivar.
Harvest: Spring, 2021.
Type: Kamairicha green tea / loose leaf.

Additional tasting notes

The large, curled leaf shape points to the manufacturing by hand. In the color of the leaf clearly some blue and brown hues can be distinguished, which can be related back to the slight withering of the tea before processing. A strong floral scent characterizes the brew. I am taking short steeping times for the first 2~3 infusions, around 20 seconds. This gently releases the more subtle traits of the tea’s fragrance. It also allows me a more gradual progression throughout the development of the tea’s expression. Inside the very mild and comforting florality of the tea, there’s also a hint of fruitiness. And from within, I feel invigorated yet calm, with a soothing and warm feeling of comfort in the belly area.

Brewing suggestions

Tea leaf: 4gTemperature: 98℃
Water: 200㎖Duration: 20 ~ 40 sec

Suggested number of infusions: [5+]

1) Warm your teapot to maintain a high temperature during infusion.
2) Empty the teapot and insert the tealeaf.
3) Pour right-off-the-boil hot water into the teapot onto the tealeaf.
4) Steep for 20 seconds for the first infusion.

A hotter temperature better releases the fragrances of a tea. This is especially favorable when brewing a fragrant tea such as this one.


Cultivar Details

Cultivar chart: Kanayamidori
Breed: A hybrid between S6 and Yabukita.


Category: Middle to late grower for gyokuro and sencha..

Registration: Registered in 1970, as no. 30 under the MAFF cultivar registration list.

Specifications: Produces an elliptical dark green leaf. Strong against illnesses and diseases. Strong reproduction capabilities. Large yield. Especially favorable qualities for sencha. Late harvest, making it a good cultivar in combination with Yabukita.


Weight45 g




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