【Sencha】Volcanic Imuta Sencha 100g

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Grown organically to protect the wildlife of the environment.
A beautiful sencha with outspoken sweetness and elegant aroma.
Nurtured by the delicious morning dew from the volcanic crater lake.

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Single Estate
Imuta, Kagoshima, Japan.

Cultivar Blend
Yabukita & Saemidori.

Green Tea
Organic Sencha.

New Harvest
Spring, 2023.

Additional information

I first visited the Miyazono tea farm during my travels through Kyushu, and I was immediately stuck by the uniqueness of the area.
Situated on a gentle slope in a small basin, the farm’s bushes are fed by the dew that is generated by the picturesque Imuta pond.
It’s a lovely farm that I wish we could visit together. For now, let’s enjoy the tea and dream of future travels. 

About the manufacturer

Kinkichi Miyazono

President at Miyazono Tea Farm

Tea farmer Kinkichi Miyazono was a fighter jet pilot in the Japanese National Defense Force before he took over his family’s tea farm in Kagoshima. He observes an exclusively organic approach to his tea and mulberry cultivation and strives to maintain the natural landscape of the idillic Imuta volcanic crater lake and surroundings.

100% organic tea
Tea and mulberry

About the tea garden

Imuta Pond


The Imuta pond originated as the crater of a volcano that formed approximately 400,000 years ago. The area consists of wetlands that are home to many aquatic plant varieties and is an important breeding ground for many water birds. In addition, the area is an important place for many dragonflies to reproduce and emerge. To preserve the area’s ecological treasures, the Imuta pond was registered under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 2005. 

Towering over the pond is Mt. Iimori, said to resemble an overfull bowl of rice. This cute yet fierce mountain is the stern but gentle parent that looks over the tea bushes of the Miyazono tea farm. 

In respect of the local environment, tea farmer Mr. Miyazono has chosen to not rely on chemicals or external substances. This preserves the beauty and natural stasis of the area, as well as respects the health of the drinkers. Instead, the farm relies on the clean, moist air generated by the pond during temperature shifts in the day/night cycle to have a beneficial effect on the bushes. The result is a tea nourished by a harmony with the environment. 

About the tea cultivar species

Cultivar details - Saemidori

Tea and vegetable Research institute in Mie Prefecture..

A breed between Yabukita and Asatsuyu. Registered in 1991 as #40.

An early grower sprouting approximately 4 days earlier than Yabukita, with a larger yield than the Yabukita cultivar. It is considered especially suitable for the manufacturing of Sencha and Gyokuro, producing a bright green color on the appearance of the tea leaf. The tea’s aroma is more fragrant than Yabukita with an umami rich body.

Cold resistance similar to Yabukita. Semi-resistant to anthracnose. Weak against ring spot diseases.

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 portion.

Amount of tea


Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

40~60 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [3]

Additional comments:

Brew at a slightly cooler temperature for the first brew to enjoy the umami sweet flavor of the tea.
Brew at a higher temperature for the second brew onward to savor the tea’s fresh, somewhat bitter flavor.
Changing the temperature for successive steepings can show us different faces of the same tea.
Feel free to experiment and adjust temperature and steeping duration for different brews of the same tea.

【Sencha】Volcanic Imuta Sencha 100g


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5 reviews for 【Sencha】Volcanic Imuta Sencha 100g


    I loved its complexity and deep taste. I could brew it for a fourth time and still have some intresting aromas/taste. Also if you brew it like corectly 100% it will give a taste that is memorable. More tea you put more umami, less tea you put more fruity the tea becomes. Surely i am gonna buy it again!

  2. Richard Panse

    Outstanding Sencha! I love the taste and the fact that is organic and grown nearby a mountain lake makes the experience even better.

  3. Victoria Cook (verified owner)

    Wonderful tea. The aroma is extremely unique. The taste is sweet nature.
    Thank you Kinkichi Miyazono for this wonderful organic tea.
    You are more than a tea farmer you are a craftsman of nature. I highly recommend this tea !

  4. Selwyn Redivo (verified owner)

    A fully satisfying tea! Well rounded, and well balanced, with flavoures I could not have imagined, but which define for me what a sencha should be. It is suitable for every day drinking or special ocassions alike. Well done!

  5. RJ

    This is a very special Sencha, which has qualities normally found in Gyokuro. It is very umami heavy but with its own character, and has a bit thicker liqueur than most Sencha. It can be very easily enjoyed in many ways, which makes it a wonderful gift or something special to share with a friend. A great choice if you enjoy umami, or are looking for a unique Sencha to try.

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