【Kabusecha】Asamiya Natural Kabusecha

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Natural Kabusecha from Asamiya.
Traditional flavor from one of the oldest tea manufacturing regions in Japan.


Due to the minimal amount of fertilisation the leaf grows rather thin. In addition, tea grown in mountain valleys receive less sunlight than in flat areas. These traits contribute to the production of a soft and fragile leaf, which needs to be handled with care during steaming and kneading. The producer applies an asamushi (brief steaming) approach and takes his time to carefully kneed the tea-leaf into long needle shapes. This produces a tea that can be enjoyed throughout multiple infusions.


About the tea

Origin: Asamiya, Shiga, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Takatomo Katagi.
Type: Green tea – Kabusecha.
Cultivar: Sayamamidori cultivar.
Harvest: Spring 2020.

About the climate

Climate: Sloping tea garden with good exposure to sunlight.
Surroundings and environmental circumstances: One field in a joint tea garden area. In the valleys mist passes over the tea gardens invigorating the bushes with fresh humidity and air. The high altitudes and low temperatures aid the bushes in growing strong and vital. Harvest is conducted only twice a year, and once every few years the manufacturer lowers his bushes down to the base after first harvest. This helps them to regrow healthy, fresh branches. The only fertilisation used are natural plant based substances, some of which (straw, pampas grass, etc.) are applied to obstruct the growth of weeds. When these substances decompose they become nourishment for the bushes.

About the production process

Manufacturing: Harvest – Fixing (steaming) – Initial beating – Kneading – Agitation – Shaping – Drying.
Brief steaming / Asamushi; Regular branding.

Brewing Suggestions
Measurements per portion.

・Amount of tea :4~5g
・Water temperature:70~80℃
・Water amount:200㏄
・Steep duration:60 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [3]
Gradually increase the temperature and steeping duration over successive brews. Brew at a higher temperature to enjoy the delicious aromas of this natural tea.


Weight50 g



1 review for 【Kabusecha】Asamiya Natural Kabusecha

  1. Tiffany Rupp (verified owner)

    Sosen-san thank you! If you are searching for a lighter green tea this is perfect. The initial scent is filled with cream and grass. The flavor, though light, is refreshing. Slightly grassy with minimal astringency in the aftertaste. Would pair with a salad with plain chicken and balsamic vinegarette.

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