Organic Kagoshima Matcha – Osumi

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Organic matcha from Shibushi, Kagoshima.
Yutakamidori cultivar.
High grade, ceremonial matcha for usucha, thin tea.

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Single Estate
Shibushi, Kagoshima, Japan.

Single Cultivar
Yutakamidori cultivar.

Green Tea
JAS Organic Matcha.
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New Harvest
Spring 2020.

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 bowl of thin tea.

Amount of tea

(two and a half tea scoop)

Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

Whisk briskly
with a bamboo tea whisk

Additional comments:

Use one teaspoon of matcha and 70~90cc of hot water and add into a tea bowl.
Use a bamboo tea whisk to whisk a froth onto the tea.

Additional impressions:

A creamy bowl of raspberry fruity and dark chocolate sweet naturally produced matcha.
When prepared and whisked in a sufficiently moderated dose, the tea has a tremendous rejuvenating effect.
It’s taste is slightly bitter at first, but quickly reveals some hints of raspberry and dark chocolate.

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Organic Kagoshima Matcha – Osumi



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