Kamo Natural Matcha


This matcha is produced on a farm that is situated right on the border between Kyoto and Nara. The native cultivars on this farm are grown only through applying natural cultivation methods. This means that no unnatural additives, nor organic fertiliser from animal waste has been applied, and in effect imbues the tea with the freshness and energy of nature.


When prepared and whisked in a sufficiently moderated dose, the tea has a tremendous rejuvenating effect. It’s taste is slightly bitter at first, but quickly reveals some hints of raspberry and dark chocolate.



Origin: Kamo, Kyoto, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Tokuya Yamazaki.
Cultivar: Native cultivar.
Harvest: Spring 2018.
Type: Naturally produced matcha green tea
Contents: 30g.
Additional impressions: A creamy bowl of raspberry fruity and dark chocolate sweet naturally produced matcha.

Brewing Method
Measurements for 1 bowl.

・Amount of tea :1.25g (two and a half tea scoop)
・Water temperature:80℃
・Water amount:70cc


Weight75 g




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