Natural Native Matcha – Kamo


This matcha is produced on a farm that is situated right on the border between Kyoto and Nara.
The native cultivars on this farm are grown only through applying natural cultivation methods.
This means that no unnatural additives, nor organic fertiliser from animal waste has been applied, and in effect imbues the tea with the freshness and energy of nature.


Single Estate
Kamo, Kyoto, Japan.

Single Cultivar
Native cultivar.

Green Tea
Pesticide-free, natural Matcha.

New Harvest
Spring 2020.

About the manufacturer

Yamazaki Tokuya

Independent farmer at Kamo Nature Farm

Born in 1983. Grew up in a tea farmer family. Having suffered under conventional farming methods, he resolved to return to an absolute organic and natural approach. “Let tea be tea; let people be people.” It is in the same way that he aims to raise his two children.

Pesticide free
Absolutely natural growth

About the tea garden



10 ares.
Tea mountain.
Altitude 123m.



Direction and angle
Southward facing.

Ridge direction and shape:
Horizontally South to West.

About the climate

Surrounded by other farms. Almost no trees around, which makes that the farm receives abundant sunlight.

Surroundings and environmental circumstances
Steep sloping surface, which makes harvest labor intensive, but has the benefit that water drainage is good. Since no fertilizer was used during the bush’s growth, the impact from the soil on the flavor is direct. The authentic aroma of this cultivar adds to the tea’s appeal.

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 bowl of thin tea.

Amount of tea

(two and a half tea scoop)

Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

Whisk briskly
with a bamboo tea whisk

Additional comments:

Use one teaspoon of matcha and 70~90cc of hot water and add into a tea bowl.
Use a bamboo tea whisk to whisk a froth onto the tea.

Additional impressions:

A creamy bowl of raspberry fruity and dark chocolate sweet naturally produced matcha.
When prepared and whisked in a sufficiently moderated dose, the tea has a tremendous rejuvenating effect.
It’s taste is slightly bitter at first, but quickly reveals some hints of raspberry and dark chocolate.

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Natural Native Matcha – Kamo



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Weight75 g




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