Hand-Made Kasuga Wakōcha

Native | Wild | Hand-made

Hand-picked; hand-processed.
A truly unique, lightly withered and oxidized black tea from native trees at the Japanese Machu Picchu in Kasuga village, Gifu prefecture.
A true specimen of rare and exclusive Japanese artisan tea.


A truly unique hand-picked, hand-processed, lightly withered and oxidized black tea from native trees at the Japanese Machu Picchu in Kasuga village, Gifu prefecture.

The tea trees here have been cared for in exclusively natural ways and Sayo Nakamura who tends to them loves to produce this gentle black tea.

Its aroma is light, and truly strokes the senses in a caring and soothing way. Savoring this tea makes one float in the sky and when you close your eyes you can see the beautiful tea gardens where this tea has grown; you can smell the delicious mountain air, and you will hear the silence of this area.

Kasuga village, Gifu | The Japanese Machu Picchu
Kasuga village, Gifu | The Japanese Machu Picchu


About the tea

Origin: Kasuga, Gifu prefecture.
FarmerSayo Nakamura.
Cultivar: Native bushes.
Harvest: May, 2020.
Tea bush age: 100 to several hundred years.
Type: Wakōcha black tea.

The Infused tea leaves
The soft downy hairs on the fresh spring buds are what creates this dust. A large amount of dust is an indication of good quality because it indicates that the buds are really young.









About the tea garden

Name: Kasuga Tea Factory [春日ティーファクトリー]
Area: 15 ares
Category:  Tea mountain
Altitude: 200m
Geological features: Limestone
Soil type: Crumbly black topsoil, porous hardened lava
Direction an angle: NESW horizontal surface atop the mountain
Ridge direction and shape: Individual rounded bushes; The tea bushes grow naturally as individual trees.

About the climate

Climate: Lots of rain; Large temperature differences
Surroundings and environmental circumstances: Surrounded by mountains. Different tea fields created from wild tea bushes are spread out over the mountain surface.
Other information: On certain days we have morning dew and evening dew. This helps the bushes to absorb the amino acids in the air for more sweetness.

About manufacturing:

Harvest is done by hand; The tea is processed exclusively by hand as well.

Brewing Suggestions
Measurements per person.

・Amount of tea :3~4g
・Water temperature:98℃
・Water amount:200㏄
・Steep duration:60 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [4~5]
Begin with a shorter infusion to express the aroma. Gradually increase steeping durations.

Weight50 g
Package size




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