Easy Matcha Sieve Mini

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Easy to use matcha strainer.
Get your matcha ready to use within minutes.
Take your Mini Strainer with you to enjoy a smooth bowl of matcha anywhere.


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Easy to use “kondo-type” matcha sifter can.
The round beads in the sifter help to push the matcha through the strainer into the can.
Using this sifter-can allows you to sieve your matcha in an instant with a few simple circular wrist motions.


Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 matcha sifter can with strainer and 3 metal beads. Comes with 1 metal spoon.
  • Packaging: cardboard box.
  • Size: height 8cm; diameter 7cm.

The Kondo Matcha Strainer Mini can be used to sieve little amounts of matcha at for individual use.
Strain a new batch of matcha powder after opening the package at once, or sift little amounts right before use.
The beads in the can help with easy and quick sifting of the matcha, and the small size of the tin allow it to be carried anywhere for swift and professional matcha preparation.

For more heavy duty matcha sieving purposes, take a look at our large size Kondo-style Matcha Sifter:

Easy Matcha Sieve

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1 review for Easy Matcha Sieve Mini

  1. RJ (verified owner)

    I love these sifters so much I bought both sizes. This one has all the ease of the big one without having to deal with a large canister if you only need to sift a little for personal use, though you could certainly sift half a can of matcha with it, then the other half afterward if you needed to. I bring this little one with me every time I have to travel, and as someone with arthritic hands and wrists it has increased my quality of life quite a bit over a traditional sifter. The size makes it easier to clean than the large one, which is also not too difficult. Highly recommended if you like to sift well with significant speed!

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