Korogi Fukumidori Oolong 2019

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“A truly delicious tea is born from the plant’s inherent natural energy.”

This is Yōichi Kōrogi, this tea’s producer’s fundamental philosophy with which he has continued to grow natural, organic tea bushes for over 30 years. It is therefore no surprise that he has won the price for best Kamairicha, presented by the ministry of agriculture in Japan, for the astonishing amount of 15 times during his time as a tea producer.


While he is a leading figure in the manufacturing of kamairicha, This manufacturer also likes to experiment. This Oolong is a result of one of his attempts to produce an Oolong tea with a rather unusual Japanese tea cultivar.



Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Yōichi Kōrogi.
Cultivar: Fukumidori cultivar.
Harvest: Spring, 2019.
Type: Oolong / loose leaf.
Additional impressions: Pepper spicy scent; Dry fruits (raisin sweetness); Chrysanthemum; Citrus sudachi; Orange; Reminiscent of wheat beer.
2nd brew: Slightly herbal; Spicy; Sweet and fragrant.

Brewing Suggestion

・Water amount:200cc
・Amount of tea :5g

・Water temperature:98℃
・Steep duration:60 sec.

Suggested no. of infusions: [4+]
A shorter infusion for the first brew will help soften the leaf to produce a more delicious 2nd brew.


Weight45 g



1 review for Korogi Fukumidori Oolong 2019

  1. Wolfgang (verified owner)

    Very good Oolong. Everyone of my friends I offer a cup of these wonderful Oolong say it is a very good tea.

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