White Tea – Korogi Hachinohe Native 2021

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First Flush White Tea from Japan.
Only 100g available! Gone = gone.
A truly unique tea by tea magician Mr. Korogi.


White teas are rare for Japan. They are not made in large quantities and are often not marketed. The manufacturers that do produce some minor quantities of White Tea are the ones that like to challenge themselves and always look to explore new areas of tea making.

Yōichi Kōrogi is certainly one of those types. He continuously looks to try his hand on new tea manufacturing ways and keeps experimenting with tea all year through. He might even go as fas as to freeze freshly harvested tea leaves from Spring in order to have something at hand to experiment with during Winter.

Of this particular White Tea, there was only 100 grams available. And if this batch sells out, then there will be no more!

This tea is a truly unique experience. Its fragrance is sufficiently subtle and gentle, with a sufficient flavor profile to make it a truly refreshing tea. I enjoy this tea most by taking very short (10-20 sec) infusions with off-the-boil hot water. This allows me to enjoy its gentle aromas build up over several infusions, and keep sipping this tea for 10 steepings or more. It’s the perfect tea for a mindful, meditative tea drinking session.


Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Yōichi Kōrogi.
Cultivar: Native cultivar.
Harvest: Spring, 2021.
Type: Shirocha White Tea / loose leaf.

Brewing Suggestion

・Water amount:100cc
・Amount of tea :2~3g

・Water temperature:98℃
・Steep duration:10~20 sec.

Suggested no. of infusions: [6+]
Try to sit down relaxedly and take time to enjoy this tea. Begin by appreciating the aromas first. Warm up a teapot and insert the dry leaf. Close the lid for a few seconds and appreciate the warm enhanced aroma emitted from the tea leaf. Appreciate the beauty of the white tips in the tea and the game of browns and greens. Then add water and steep for 10 seconds. Begin with a shorter infusion to enjoy the aromas of the tea. For later brews, gradually extend the brewing duration. After pouring the tea, don’t forget to look at the infused tea leaf and enjoy the grassy notes it expresses.



Weight45 g


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