Kumamoto Koshun Organic Kamairicha 2018


The Koshun cultivar is primarily renowned for its distinct aroma which is best expressed when slightly withered or oxidised during manufacturing and is therefore considered as a varietal, best suited to the production of Oolong types of tea.


This kamairicha has been only slightly withered prior to parching and rolling, thus faintly enhancing the Koshun cultivar’s specific aroma.



Origin: Ashikita, Kumamoto, Japan (single estate).
FarmerToshihiro Kajihara.
Cultivar: Koshun cultivar.
Harvest: Spring 2018.
Type: Green tea / Kamairicha / loose leaf.
Additional impressions:  A clear non-astringent bitter taste; Bitters that resemble the hearts of chicory or grape seeds, but are of a delicious bitter, vegetal bitter kind, accompanied by gentle sweet and floral aromas; A hint of artichoke.

Brewing Suggestion

・Water amount:200cc
・Amount of tea :4~5g

・Water temperature:90℃
・Steep duration:60 sec.

Suggested no. of infusions: [3]
Brewing at a higher temperature will better release the aroma of this tea.


Weight45 g




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