Kumamoto Native Wakōcha 2019

At this farm, the producer cares strongly about the environment and their consumer’s health. Therefore, within the premises of these farms and gardens no chemicals such as pesticides are allowed.


This brand is produced in the Ashikita region of Kumamoto prefecture. The current batch is from the Spring 2019 harvest of the native cultivar grown in this region.


About the tea

Origin: Ashikita, Kumamoto, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Toshihiro Kajihara.
Type: Black tea – Wakōcha.
Cultivar: Native cultivar.
Harvest: May 2, 2019.
Tea bush age: 80 years.
Additional impressions: Sweet with strong flowery and herbal aroma.

About the tea garden

Name: Tengetsu (天月).
Area: 60 ares.
Category: Non-refurbished mountain flank.
Altitude: 150m.
Soil type: Sand soil.
Direction an angle: Northwest 10~30 degrees.
Ridge direction and shape: South to North alongside the mountain contours.

About the climate

Surroundings and environmental circumstances: The Tsuge district is a small settlement in the mountains of Ashikita village in the south of Kumamoto prefecture. The area is known for regular fog occurrences due to large differences in temperature between the coolest and hottest of the day. Throughout the mountains and valleys wild tea bushes continue to grow at a variety of locations, indicating it truly is a blessed environment for the cultivation of tea bushes. Since most tea producers in this area began by harvesting and tending to these wild tea bushes, it is commonly referred to that the origin of Tsuge tea – and this particular tea farm as well – lies with these wild tea bushes.

Comment from the manufacturer about the 2019 harvest

This year was an especially tough year for the tea bushes. At first, due to the fierce heat and immense drought the tea bushes were severely damaged during last summer. Consequently, the leaf surface during autumn harvest remained shallow and the buds grew small.

Winter was comparatively warm, due to which the buds started growth prematurely. This made them vulnerable to late spring frosts. Hereafter, a series of weeks with low temperature and insufficient rainfall obstructed the healthy development of vigorous buds and leaves. As a result, the leaf grew stiff rather early on. in addition, these events made it so that this year’s size of harvest was minimal.

Regarding manufacturing, we had to pay specific attention to the vulnerability of this year’s leaf during processing and change our approach for weak and soft leaves to stiffened coarser leaf treatment.

Brewing Suggestions
Measurements per portion.

・Amount of tea :4~5g
・Water temperature:98℃
・Water amount:200㏄
・Steep duration:90 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [4]
Maintains a similar energy throughout successive brews, but starts to loose flavor around the 4th infusion.


Weight50 g
Package size




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Kumamoto Native Wakōcha 2019