【Wakōcha】Kumamoto Summer Harvest Native Wakōcha


Summer Harvest Wakōcha Japanese Black Tea.
Native seed-grown cultivar from Kumamoto in Southern Japan.
A full bodied, sweet and fruity black tea with a deliciously fragrant aroma.


Single Estate
Ashikita, Kumamoto, Japan.

Single Cultivar
Native Seed-grown cultivar.
80 years.

Green Tea
Eco farmer Kamairicha.

New Harvest
Summer, 2020.

Additional information

At this farm, the producer cares strongly about the environment and their consumer’s health.
Therefore, within the premises of these farms and gardens no chemicals such as pesticides are allowed.

The production of black tea and other semi-oxidized teas requires a sturdier leaf in order to produce enough aroma during the oxidation stage.
It is generally considered that teas with a higher amino acid value are less suitable for the manufacturing of oxidized teas because the umami flavor could get in the way of the tea’s delicious fragrances.
In this case the farmer opts for a non-fertilized, slightly bitterer leaf. The catechins in this leaf then produce the black tea’s delicious aroma after oxidation.
Although this tea was produced from Japanese native green tea species, letting the leaf grow in summer, and also waiting just that little longer for harvest to allow the youngest buds to unfurl, gives it just the right amount of components to produce a delicious aroma during manufacturing.

About the manufacturer

Toshihiro Kajihara

President at  Ocha no Kajihara Tsuge Tea

3rd successor to the Kajihara tea farmer family.
Small artisan producer of organic Kamairicha in Kumamoto.

2 hectares of tea farm land
38 years of experience

About the tea garden



60 ares.
Non-refurbished mountain flank.
Altitude 150m.

The Tsuge district is a small settlement in the mountains of Ashikita village in the south of Kumamoto prefecture.


Soil type
Sand soil.

Direction and angle:
Northwest 10~30 degrees.

Ridge direction and shape:
South to North alongside the mountain contours.

About the climate

The area is known for regular fog occurrences due to large differences in temperature between the coolest and hottest of the day.

Surroundings and environmental circumstances:
Throughout the mountains and valleys wild tea bushes continue to grow at a variety of locations, indicating it truly is a blessed environment for the cultivation of tea bushes. Since most tea producers in this area began by harvesting and tending to these wild tea bushes, it is commonly referred to that the origin of Tsuge tea – and this particular tea farm as well – lies with these wild tea bushes.

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 portion.

Amount of tea


Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

90 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [4]

A hotter temperature better extracts the tea’s delicious aromas.

【Wakōcha】Kumamoto Summer Harvest Native Wakōcha



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Weight65 g




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