Mandokoro Matcha – Mandokoro-no-Mukashi 20g

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Savor purity, taste tradition.

Exclusive, limited edition Matcha from Mandokoro.
Traditional cultivation, harvest and production.
From over 100 year old native seed grown tea trees.

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Traditional matcha from the Mandokoro region.
A centuries old flavor, revived by the youthful passion of
Ren Yamagata of the Chaen-musubi tea farm,
and the heritage and expertise of
tea farmer Kenji Sato.

Matcha details:

  • Matcha Origin: Mandokoro village, Shiga prefecture
  • Contents: 20g
  • Cultivars: Over 100 year old native, seed-grown tea trees.
  • Harvest: May 21, 2023
  • Milling: Stonemill / Date: October 8, 2023
Weight50 g




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Mandokoro Matcha – Mandokoro-no-Mukashi 20g

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