Premium Koicha-grade Matcha: Akatsuki

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The Tea Crane original blend.
Conventional premium matcha for ceremonial use as ‘koicha‘ thick tea.
Hand-picked Premium Matcha.

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Single Estate
Kyotanabe, Kyoto, Japan.

Single Cultivar

Green Tea
Premium Hand-picked Matcha.

New Harvest
Spring 2019.

About the tea region​



Kyoto’s most famous Gyokuro manufacturing region. What is lesser known is that most of the Tencha leaf used for matcha is also manufactured in this particular town.

Matcha “Akatsuki” (暁) is a conventional Matcha. It is The Tea Crane’s original selected matcha for the service of tea during a ritual preparation of thick tea. This tea is of the highest grade and was manufactured in Kyoto’s most famous Gyokuro production region, Kyotanabe, using mostly organic fertilisers.

Kyo-tanabe is known for its highly sweet and lush flavor, suitable for the production of Gyokuro. It is this lushness that is also reflected in this particular Matcha. Harvesting was conducted by hand, resulting in a tea of the highest grade, using only the youngest, freshest and sweetest new buds.


About the tea cultivar species

Cultivar details - Samidori

Masajirō Koyama.

Derived from a tea bush native to the Uji region. Registered in 1953.

Intermediate grower with a wide period for harvest.

Its growth is absolutely vertical making it a highly suitable species for the purpose of handpicking. The young leaf is juicy, shimmering with a lustrous pale green color, favorable for matcha making it a preferred tencha cultivar. Its yield is good.

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 bowl of ‘koicha’ thick tea.
Measurements per person (multiply by as many persons needed).

Amount of tea

(three heaping tea scoops)

Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

Stir firmly
with a bamboo tea whisk

Additional comments:

Stir the tea powder and hot water with a bamboo tea whisk until the tea becomes like a paste with a glassy smooth surface.
Be careful to break up lumps that may linger at the bottom of the bowl.

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Premium Koicha-grade Matcha: Akatsuki


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2 reviews for Premium Koicha-grade Matcha: Akatsuki

  1. Roberto Di Leonardo (verified owner)

    A beautifully rich and delicious matcha, that I have used both as koicha and usucha. There was no astringency and the aftertaste is quite sweet surprisingly. Although it is pricey, it is worth every dollar. I highly recommend it, even as a treat. Thank you Tyas-sama for opening up the tea market to lesser known growers.

  2. Ivana Kocic (verified owner)

    Really beautiful matcha, really enjoyable. Fresh scent and mild sweetness make it perfect both as thick and thin tea, both for every day and for special occasions. I love it and will be ordering again:)

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Premium Koicha-grade Matcha: Akatsuki
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